Name: Mya Otto || Year: Senior || Academic Focus: Math & Science || Interests: Mya spends time outside of school reading, playing soccer & hanging out with her family.

Name: Grace West || Year: Senior || Academic Focus: English & Writing || Interests: Grace is all about hanging out with family and friends and taking time to hunt, shop & travel.

Name: Sydney Nute || Year: Sophomore || Academic Focus: Math, Science & German || Interests: In her spare time, Sydney enjoys reading, playing softball, participating in marching band/winter drumline, and traveling.

Name: Katie Rietveld || Year: Junior || Academic Focus: English/Writing & History/Social Studies || Interests: Katie keeps busy (when she’s not working!) by playing soccer and lacrosse. And, she can never get enough of spending time with family & friends.

Name: Emily Kern || Year: Senior || Academic Focus: English & Lit || Interests: When Emily isn’t hanging out with cats, she finds herself climbing trees, running, biking or any outdoorsy things like that.  Reading and watching movies in German, as well as singing in the shower, also top her list of fun.

Name: Jack Lanners || Year: Junior || Academic Focus: English, Math & Social Studies || Interests: Outside of school, Jack is involved in theater, choir, and other areas of the arts. Jack loves to travel around the world, trying new foods and immersing himself into different cultures. He really enjoys game nights with friends and movie nights with his family. 

Name: Alyssa Mohler || Year: Junior || Academic Focus: English & Social Studies || Interests: Ally has a heart for animals, so she makes playing with her dogs a major priority during her spare time. She also enjoys listening to music, reading and dancing.

Name: Sarah Burke || Year: Senior || Academic Focus: English & Writing || Interests:    Sarah loves to read any fantasy novel she can get her hands on, eat all sorts of sushi, and sing countless hours of karaoke. 

Name: Abi Hilden || Year: Sophomore || Academic Focus: English, Social Studies & Inquiry Process || Interests: A few of the things that grab Abi’s interest are theater, her job, reading, and watching a ton of YouTube. 

Name: Ellie Holmberg || Year: Senior || Academic Focus: English & Writing || Interests: When Ellie isn’t working (making delectable coffee drinks!), she makes time to run, hike, camp & kayak.

Name: Kyra Keegan || Year: Junior || Academic Focus: Avid, Arts Magnet, English & Social Studies || Interests: Kyra looks forward to spending Friday nights with her family, Saturdays with friends, and Sundays at church. Of course, this is all with a smattering of crafting and sister shenanigans.

Name: Ben Dismang || Year: Senior || Academic Focus: Math & Science || Interests: Ben is into reading, especially non-fiction science books, watching Jeopardy, and geeking out about anything Marvel comics or Star Wars.

Name: Kinzie McDowell || Year: Junior || Academic Focus: English, Writing, Biology & Chemistry || Interests: Outside of school, Kinzie’s interests include reading, writing, playing guitar, and going out with friends.