Erika Clifton – AVID Lead Tutor, Student Mentor Trainer & LLC Specialist
Erika is our resident problem solver. You will often hear her say, “I’m not sure how to do this…but I will figure it out.” She’s got mad technology, people, and putting-together-IKEA furniture skills. Erika graduated from Buffalo High School in 2012 and received her bachelor’s degree in English from Gustavus Adolphus College. Erika is a certified AVID tutor and works with the student mentorship program at Buffalo High School. This year we hope to have Erika working with our Peer Coaching Center.
Tammy Otten – Student & Staff Services & LLC Specialist
Buffalo High School alumnist Tammy Otten brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the BHS Library Learning Commons. Tammy brings experience in management, merchandising, and customer service. She values the Bison Community, connecting with students, and providing the tools that ensure student and staff success. You will often hear Tammy asking staff and students, “How can I help you?” and with Tammy you know she authentically means it.
Amy Sparks – LLC & Peer Coaching Center Coordinator
Amy is our resident “problem maker” (thank Goodness she has Erika & Tammy)…she is state of constant chaotic creativity, always wondering how to take something apart and make it better. A licensed Theater, Dance, and English teacher, Amy spends fifty percent of her time teaching Stage Acting and fifty percent of her time overseeing the Library Learning Commons. Past experiences include owning a coffee house, a film/video business, starting a Farmers Market and directing local theater. She brings experience in marketing, design, and customer service. She loves books and committing to social justice and compassionate change through literacy.