This entry is part of a blog series. Student academic peer coaches were encouraged to write about their passions, interests, and beliefs. Senior peer coach Grace Eiden is the guest author of this post.

This past fall, I toured five colleges in hopes to find the right fit for me. While on my first tour at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, I got so caught up in the excitement of going off on a new adventure by myself that I didn’t really pay attention to the details on campus. After touring four other campuses, I learned that there are important aspects to pay attention to in order to ensure that you choose a college that fits all of your personal needs.

While on a college tour, it’s important to pay attention to the size of the campus and what makes you most comfortable. Some people prefer big campuses in the city, and others prefer small campuses in a cozy town. That being said, it is really important to not only get a feel for the campus itself, but the community around it. Take a walk around the downtown area of the college town and see what it has to offer such as things like movie theatres, restaurants, or anywhere you would like to spend free time away from all the studying.

Another important thing to look for on a college tour is the dorms. While on my tours, I didn’t pay much attention to the various places to live. When the time came to choose my top dorm rooms, I needed to solely rely on youtube videos and ratings that I found online since I didn’t pay much attention in person. It’s also important to search out places that you find good for studying while on campus. Do you prefer to stay strictly in the library, or branch out to various coffee shops? Pay attention to the different areas and buildings that are options for studying on the daily.

The last, and most important thing, to look for on a college tour is making sure you can really picture yourself in that specific atmosphere. Deciding on a college is a very big decision, and you need to know that you will feel safe and comfortable on campus. Touring colleges is a very exciting point in your life, so make sure to take advantage of the tours and pay attention to all of the aspects that lie on a college campus!


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