This entry is part of a blog series. Student academic peer coaches were encouraged to write about their passions, interests, and beliefs. Senior peer coach Lucie Goede is the guest author of this post.


Writing short stories and poetry has played a huge role in shaping who I am and where I am going. Writing has been a great way to relieve stress throughout my high school career and gives me a great chance to try out different writing styles and be creative. I read a lot of poetry books from Marie Howe to Alice Oswald, and that is where I find most of my inspiration for the poems I write.

I think the world is such a magnificent place and I enjoy writing about the good in the world, and trying to find the positives in the things around us, despite the tragedy we go through. I listen to a lot of music that also inspires me to write, I am a believer in growth through pain and being strong enough to let the bad things in your life go. Hearing people’s stories through music and personal connections also gives me great ideas to build off of. After writing a few poems I like to annotate and reread them and try to combine like poems to create something bigger and better. Poetry and writing stories is something I am very passionate about and I hope to study communications while I attend the College of Saint Benedict.   


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