I started peer coaching in the learning commons this fall. Before Mrs. Sparks asked me to be a peer coach, I knew almost nothing about the program. Despite not knowing what to expect, I decided to go for it and began peer coaching. I saw it as a great opportunity to help people and expand my horizons.

I’ve learned a lot about the program and myself since starting to peer coach. I had a few misconceptions before getting involved in peer coaching. I was expecting this resource to only be useful to students who were struggling in school. Now, I’m able to see that peer coaching is much more and could benefit anyone for any reason. It’s beneficial for any student to sit down with a peer a talk through their ideas. Even if you aren’t completely stuck on a topic, it’s still useful to express your thinking aloud to get a better understanding. Peer coaching is much more collaborative than I was expecting–students and peer coaches are able to come together by asking questions and bouncing ideas off of each other. A peer coach essentially asks questions until the student reaches a better understanding of the subject and can complete the assignment. Working with a peer coach leads to a deeper knowledge on the topic and ultimately insures that the best quality work is being done.

As a way to push themselves and seek the help they need, I would highly recommend any BHS student to utilize our peer coaching. We are able to help out with any assignment–ranging from math problems to writing a paper. Whether they’re completely confused or just want another person’s input, this program could benefit students academically.


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