Over Christmas break, I had some spare time on my hands so I decided to watch a few movies. One of those movies was Shutter Island, which came out in 2010 and was directed by Martin Scorsese. The movie stars Leonardo Dicaprio, who plays a U.S. marshal investigating the escape of a patient from a mental hospital. The movie follows Dicaprio as he tries to solve the mystery of the missing patient and also deal with his own personal demons.

After watching the movie, I was very interested in the story and discovered that the movie was based off of a book by the same name. The book is written by Dennis Lehane, an established writer who is the author of many well-known books that have been translated into movies. Some of those well known novels are Gone Baby Gone, Live by Night, Mystic River, and Moonlight Mile. Lehane wrote the book in 2003 and was inspired by the hospital and grounds on Long Island in Boston Harbor.

I have a lot of interest in reading this book after watching the movie and learning about some of the other work from the author. In the next few days, I am going to check this book out from the library and read through it looking for small details that could foreshadow the ending of the novel. I am interested to see if the tension of the story presented in the film is going to be as effective in the pages of the book.


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